About Us


Originally from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the Jorgenson family has been in Milford since 1989. In 2008, the Jorgenson’s purchased The Dimmick Inn with the idea of preserving the historic value of the building and adding some new, and much needed, excitement in Milford. Since their opening, the Dimmick – as locals call it – has become rapidly famous for the freshly prepared and delicious foods, as well as its friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is the center point of the Milford Borough and is located at the corner of Broad and Harford Street.

Samuel Dimmick, 1793-1867, originally built the property in 1828. A little more than 25 years later, the inn was leveled by fire in 1854. Samuel’s daughter, Frances, vowed to see it rise again from the ashes and a year later, Miss. Fan, as locals called her, approved plans for a brick Revival Connecticut Colonial style on the original site. The inn consisted of 25 guest rooms, a saloon, and a dining room. It also served as the town’s post office and stage coach stop.

Over the years the inn has seen many notable guests from all walks of life and has been used as a hotel, a boardinghouse, a Chinese restaurant, a Jewish delicatessen, a bawdyhouse, and a cabaret. Today, it houses a traditional American family restaurant.

The Dimmick Inn is Milford’s only hostelry still in existence from the days when stagecoach stops were a plentiful commodity. As you walk through the newly renovated bar, the Lounge, game room, or into each of the two dining rooms, you know the Jorgenson family has taken great care to renovate the property, keeping its heritage intact, while ensuring guests enjoy a little piece of the cultural that Milford has become known for – art. The walls are decorated with artwork from local artists and can be purchased. Today, you can enjoy the rich history of the property with an updated look and feel, as well as satiate your appetite with fresh, locally-sourced food.